I’ve looked forward to Vlogmas every since last Christmas. I love that my favorite Youtubers upload every day in December.

Zoe Sugg has grown on me this year. I think her public’s much younger than I am, and I thought I could never really relate to her. But I’d much rather watch her happy vlogs than someone who complains all the time (I won’t mention their channels, lol). I think she’s a really nice girl and she really puts me into the festive mood, even though I don’t really like Christmas, I just like the decorations and all the fairy lights.

Tanya Burr is not someone I watch normally. Again, I think she aims at a much younger public. However, I love London and I love that she goes out and shows me the city, when I’m sitting here in a small village, dreaming of when I still lived there. Also, her HOUSE! I always wonder what kind of people lived in those huge mansions in Chelsea, well it’s Tanya Burr!

Diana Leeflang is a Dutch Youtuber whom I’ve watched since her 3rd upload onto her channel. I LOVE her clothing, our wardrobes are basically the same. She’s moved to Manchester to live with her English boyfriend and has just started her English vlogging channel. She’s a really nice, down to earth girl (and loves cats as much as I do). 

If you speak Dutch then Lifestylespot BE is a veryyyy nice Vlogmas to follow. She is from Belgium and leads a very normal life, which I like to see as I don’t feel completely bad about myself ha! She’s always super happy (genuinely happy) and puts me in a good mood! 

I don’t know why but most of my old favorites, I don’t really watch any more. Sometimes I feel those girls don’t really enjoy Youtube any more, and will then upload a 4 minute vlog, so that they can say that they’ve still uploaded (but put literally no effort into it). Also, I feel like some complain all. the. time. Girl, you live in London, you can sleep in every day if you wanted to and you literally get all the money for it. I’m over it.

Who’s your favorite? I’d love to know. Not that I have enough time to watch all of their videos, but I will get to it on the Christmas break. Ha!

Manouk -x-