vlogmas 2015 my favorites collage

December is the BEST month when it comes to Youtube in my opinion. Every year I look forward to Vlogmas because they’re all so happy and festive. Vlogmas is when Youtubers vlog their every day lives up until Christmas Day. Today I’m sharing my favorites with you! 

Lily Pebbles
I really like Lily. She seems like such a nice girl! I even made a drawing of her more than a year ago when I wanted to draw all over my favorite Youtubers. The funny thing was that I had planned a trip to London a couple of weeks after. I dropped it off (also Anna‘s drawing) at the Gleam office and she later emailed me that she had received it and that she loved it! I love that she goes out of the house a lot so I get to see some London even though I don’t live there anymore. 

Tanya Burr
I don’t normally watch her vlogs and/or main channel videos just because I think she focusses a bit more on younger girls and I can’t stand it. I do watch her Vlogmas because she lives in London and goes out a lot. You all know I love London, especially in Christmas time. 

Apparently this girl has blocked me on Instagram. Lord knows why HA! I did my research and apparently she is known for blocking the ‘haters’ on all of her social media accounts. That does confuse me because I’m not a hater at all. If I don’t like something about someone then I won’t watch it/unfollow that person. Anyway, she lives in a really nicely decorated apartment with her cat Nellie. She says when something’s not right or when she’s not very happy, I can relate to this girl a lot. The other girls I mention in this post seem to have the perfect life and Gabby shows me that it’s OK to struggle sometimes. Also, she’s not afraid to make a fool out of herself and I like it when people don’t take themselves too seriously. I also drew Gabby (see, I would never draw someone I didn’t like). 

Amelia Liana
She is suuuuuuch a funny girl! I don’t know how she does it but her hair always looks perfect. I think she comes from a very rich family because she lives in a super big and luxurious house (for London standards). It doesn’t matter to me though because she seems very hardworking and kind.

Fleur is one of the few people I started watching years and years ago, and that I can still stand. She seems to have the perfect life; she is young, married, has dogs, a lovely family, she lives in a big house (but also has an apartment in London). Her Vlogmas has been a little bit disappointing so far but I love her anyways. I did also draw Fleur a long time ago, I will leave it here although I am not proud of it (anymore). It’s horrible compared to my latest drawings. Oh well.

I also really like ZoeLondon, Lily Melrose and TalkBeckyTalk, who is friends with Fleur.

Who is your favorite this year? I have pretty  much replaced my TV for Vlogmas! I do not feel very festive yet though. We don’t celebrate it as much as they do in England. To us it’s basically just an eat as much as you can get together. I will probably feel more festive once I’ve put up our Christmas tree, which I’ll this afternoon!

Manouk -x-