img_5806I feel brows are a touchy subject, offending ones eyebrows seems like the biggest insult. I can’t deny I’ve never looked at a woman’s eyebrows and thought, nah maybe not? But hey, luckily it’s nobody’s business but your own. Today I’m sharing my current eyebrow routine with you. Getting here was quite the journey, when I look back at old photos I get instant tears in my eyes. Who allowed me to go out looking like that? I’ve definitely come a long way.img_5698-1My brows are very thin, almost invisible. Which is strange because my natural hair color’s dark brown. I don’t know how my parents managed to get me to look like this. 

I like my brows to look ashy, even though my hair is warm. This is probably not how you’re supposed to do it but hey ho. I always start off with brushing my brows with a spooky to make sure all the hairs (as if there’s a lot of them..) are brushed into the right direction. I fill them in using MAC 208 Brush and my Anastasia Brow Powder ‘Medium Brown’. My hair’s gotten very light over the summer so I tend to use a mixture between the dark and lighter color, although it’s different every day. To sharpen the edges a bit more I use my Anastasia Brow Wiz ‘Medium Brown’.img_5725-1I will then brush some of the new Benefit Gimme Brow ‘5’ through the brows to make it look a bit more bushy. Finally I take my foundation brush and try to fade the inner parts of my brows to make them look more natural.

If you’re struggling with your brows then I could definitely recommend looking into Anastasia and/or Benefit products. They’re not the cheapest but they have a huge selection of colors and the staff’s always more than willing to help you. Whereas in the drugstores you have to figure it out yourself.

What’s your brow routine like?

Manouk -x-