img_6003I am the proud owner of a The Body Shop Ultimate advent calendar. I bought the calendar on a whim and very much looked forward to the 1st of December so that I could finally start opening it. On the 7th I was reading a blogpost of someone on different advent calendars. It didn’t say anything about The Body Shop so I thought I’d be nosey and see what other advent calendars had to offer. But then it happened… A picture of my advent calendar and ALL the products that were in there. You could say that I was a bit disappointed in myself for opening that blogpost. 

I obviously couldn’t un-see it and decided to just open all the boxes and have a closer look at the products. In one of them I found The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain ‘Pink Hibiscus’. I had never actually tried their makeup before, even though I slather my face and body in their body butters and oils. img_5996
At first glance you might think it’s a nailpolish, then when you open it looks like a lipgloss. The product contains 7.2ml which I think is a decent amount for a blush/lip product. It’s also very handy for traveling or staying over at someone’s for the night as you don’t need to bring a separate product for lips and cheeks, at least if it’s any good.  img_5999
The consistency of the product is super watery. It’s not very pigmented at all. It does however leave an immediate stain, in fact there’s still a heart shape on my hand as I’m typing this blogpost. img_6003I put some of the product on my cheeks and padded it in with my fingers. You have to work very quickly or else it will leave an ugly stain (and you don’t want that early in the morning when you’re rushing to get to work on time). I quite like the effect it gives. Although it’s very subtle, it does show up and leaves me looking healthy and awake. On my lips however, it’s one big failure. I don’t see a difference whatsoever. It also doesn’t apply evenly. I’d only ever use this product again on my cheeks.

If you have very fair skin like me then this product is worth the try. I like when products are multifunctional, but often it just doesn’t work. I will definitely put this in my ‘every day drawer’ so that I can reach for it more often. 

Have you tried this product? Do you also have an advent calendar? Please be careful with reading articles about advent calendars, ha!

Manouk -x-