sleek1When my friend and I went shopping for makeup in London, I told myself to only buy things that were extremely beautiful, special and new to me. I have a lot of makeup already, enough to last me a lifetime. I really don’t need any more. However, something did catch my eye… Let’s be real here; it was bound to happen.
The thought of contouring with cream products used to always scare me. I was afraid it might take me way too long to apply in the morning (time I don’t have). I had also seen so many tutorials on Youtube of girls using cream products to contour and it never looked natural to me. I do a little bit of contouring and bronzing each morning but it’s never on a ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ level.

So when I found myself swatching away in Superdrug I couldn’t resist taking this Sleek Contour Kit Light 095 home with me. It’s way cheaper than the very well known Anastasia kit and I thought this was the perfect time for me to try it out.When I got hom by the end of July, I didn’t touch it for a month. Mainly because it was too warm to even think about wearing makeup, but also because I just didn’t really know what to do with it. I found some courage and I went for it.sleek4This palette contains 6 shades. The top row’s got light colors each with a different undertone. The bottom row’s got 3 brown colors which are supposed to be used to contour with. They are all super creamy and pigmented. I tried contouring my cheekbones using the bottom left shade. I put some product on a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, put the excess on a tissue and carefully pressed and blended it in the hollows of my cheeks. Let me tell you that I could have joined the Geordie Shore cast right there and then. I looked… ORANGE. I literally laughed at myself. If that’s the look you’re going for, then this product was made for you.

The matte packaging looks very pretty and effortless, the product’s very creamy and pigmented but the shades just don’t work for me. I would advice you to really swatch the products in store to prevent a misbuy. I am very pale and maybe that’s why the colors appeared orange on my skin. But I do feel like it’s a common problem for drugstore products. Same goes for eyebrow products, they always tend to have red undertones. We need more cool toned products at the drugstore!

Have you ever tried contouring with a creamy product?

Manouk -x-