Someone had an hour to kill in Covent Garden last Saturday.. Someone walked into MAC and bought 2 new eyeshadows. That someone’s me! The last MAC eyeshadow I bought was Woodwinked which I got in New York in October last year. It just had to happen.


The first color I got was MAC ‘Amber Lights’ (frost). I had heard lots of good things about this eyeshadow and it’s been on my ‘wishlist’ for absolute ages but I never got it. The lady at MAC pointed it out to me and I was sold! It’s such a warm-toned golden/coppery color which looks so beautiful in combination with my blue eyes. I like to apply it all over the lid, blend the edges with MAC Omega/Charcoal Brown, a highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes and lots of eyeliner and mascara. It’s very pigmented and shimmery (no glitters though).  It’s super easy and quick but it looks like you’ve spent 15 minutes on your eye makeup. It reminds me of Honey Pot by Too Faced, that one’s just a bit cooler toned.

The second eyeshadow I got is a bit of an unusual purchase for me. I definitely went out of my eyeshadow-comfort zone with this one. MAC ‘Trax’ (Veluxe) is a purple color, however it’s doesn’t show up as a really bright purple. It’s just something a little bit different. It’s not as pigmented as I like my eyeshadows to be. I expected better from MAC, but then again, it’s a really unique color which you won’t be able to find at the high street. I saw Nic from Pixiwoo use it in a tutorial and I was sold. I will have a bit of a play around with this because I’m sure I can make it work somehow!

My nails aren’t dirty, I painted them with Barry M Speedy Quick Dry ‘Stop The Clock’. An aaaabsolute favorite which may have an appearance in tomorrow’s post.. *hint hint*

Have you tried any of these eyeshadows? What’s your favorite MAC eyeshadows? I need 4 more to complete my palette!

Manouk -x-