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I got a new kitten! I wanted another cat for a very long time but my mom would always tell me ‘no’. It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks and she decided to give in and give me a kitten for my birthday.. I am in LOVE!

We were told it was a girl so I named her Lola. However, my dad had his doubts and the vet confirmed that my dad was right. Lola has little ballies! I then changed her/his name into Nugget (because who doesn’t love McDonald’s?) He’s around 9 weeks old and doing so well. He’ll sleep for 3 hours and be hyper active for 1 hour, sleep, play, sleep.. Being a kitten must be so hard.

We already have a cat, which is still getting used to having a new cat in the house, but I’m sure that’ll be fine in time. Nugget sleeps in my room until he’s a bit older (he seriously sleeps on my back or next to my face). I’m afraid I may crush him in my sleep ha! My friends all want to come over and see him, I keep sending everybody pictures and spamming Twitter. Sorry not sorry.

The BEST birthday present ever!

Manouk -x-