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It’s 2016 in a couple of hours and I’m getting more and more excited by the minute! I am celebrating in Amsterdam tonight, but I haven’t decided on an outfit yet (same problem every year). I thought it would be fun to reflect on my year, in photos. I always really enjoy reading similar posts on your blog so I hope you’ll like it too! 


At the beginning of the year I started working out like a crazy person. I was so so SO motivated and I enjoyed it as well. I didn’t really have a goal in mind, I just wanted to get a bit fitter. I go through phases where I look forward to going to the gym and then weeks later I hate it.


Then I was diagnosed with shin splints. The doctor’s advice was basically: don’t go to the gym until you’re fully recovered and this could take months. I was really sad, like really really sad.


Getting shin splints was one of the reasons I couldn’t wait to go to England for about 4 months. I was going to be an au pair in Watford. I was ready to discover a new place, meet new people, to partying in London. Ahh!


London <3

IMG_6246 (1)

In Watford I went to the gym almost every day. I just couldn’t not go to the gym. I just did all the things that didn’t involve my legs. I lost a lot of weight because 1. I went to the gym a lot. 2. I walked a lot in London. 3. I was very unhappy working for my first host family. This obviously caused a lot of stress and made me lose my appetite. I did look very good, but it wasn’t a healthy diet.

IMG_7266 (2)

Things didn’t really go as planned in Watford and I decided to leave my host family. M. a REALLY nice Dutch lady who lived nearby picked me up and offered me a place to stay. She, her husband and her sons are my #1 heroes. I am still so grateful. I also had my first Sunday Roast. I’m getting hungry just looking at the picture.

IMG_6636 (1)

After a week with M, I got on the train to London where my new host family lived. I started feeling better by the day. They were such nice people and the little boy I had to take care of was such a cutie and well behaved. On the weekends we went to all the parties. Oh, the adventures.

Then my grandpa died in Holland. I was the only one from the family who didn’t get to say goodbye. I flew home for the funeral. When I had to go back to London I had mixed feelings. I love London so much but I love my friends and family more and I really needed them at that time. It’s been tough but I managed to stay until July! I’ve met a lot of nice people during my time in England, I wish I could see them more often.


I spent the summer in Spain. All I did was lie on the beach, listen to music and I somehow also managed to read ONE WHOLE book!


Summer passed and I went back to school. I went back to the gym, I started blogging again aka getting back to my old lifestyle. I did get a nose piercing at the end of summer because I why not? (I did take it out about a week ago because I got bored of it).


I had wanted another cat for aaaages but my mom never allowed it. When my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday she wasn’t surprised when I said ‘a kitten’, and so it happened. I called him Nugget and he is the CUTEST.

I don’t really believe in New Year’s Resolutions, I think you can change something about your life every day. But if you do have some, then good luck! I hope you have an amazing NYE and a wonderful 2016!

Manouk -x-