My hairdresser always uses Moroccanoil products on my hair, somehow I never purchased anything. Their products are quite pricey but sometimes you got to treat yourself right? I caved and purchased the Moroccanoil Treatment which I’ll review for you today!


You get 100ml and you only need one pump per time. You can apply it in wet hair, dry hair, before showering, after showering, it also works well if you want to protect your hair against the heat. I like to apply 1 pump in the ends of my hair right after washing it.


The packaging’s nothing special but the pump is really convenient and handy. It also comes with a separate lid which you can put on whenever you’re travelling. The only downside to it is that the sticker leaves a sticky bit on the bottle. I’ll try to get it off right after this blogpost goes live.


As I mentioned before, you only need one pump. If you use too much your hair could look greasy (which is not the look I’m usually going for). The oil makes your hair smell AMAZING!

Have you tried this product? I know it’s a bit pricey but it will last you forever and it’s got so many good ingredients in it which will make your hair look, feel and smell amazing.

Manouk -x-