As a teen I never really felt the desire to get my body covered in piercings and tattoos. I thought they looked cool on others but I never thought it would be something for me. Until about a year ago. Living in London opened my eyes, I saw so many people wearing and doing whatever they wanted, I thought to myself; I want to be like them and not care/worry about what others might think of it.

One big advantage of a nose piering is that it’s not forever, if you get bored of it you can take it out in a couple of seconds. Trust me, that’s more painful than getting the actual piercing. My piercer used something like a ‘gun’ that pushes the piercing through your nose. It’s not painful, just slightly uncomfortable. You can’t feel it on the inside of your nose, sleeping on your stomach (and resting on your head) isn’t a problem at all. In the beginning you have to be careful with showering and drying your body as you easily forget you have a nose piercing now. When you take it out the hole is closed up almost instantly.

After 6 months or so I took it out because I had gotten tired of it. Last week I decided to get it back because I’m very impulsive (which can be a good thing and a bad thing). The first time I got it done it took a couple of months to fully heal. Sometimes it got slightly infected and a small bump would appear around the nose piercing. My piercer told me this was perfectly normal and that I should be patient. Don’t expect it to be perfect right away. I would also suggest not to get it done before going on (summer) holiday. You don’t want your spf and makeup melting into the wound.

Getting a nose piercing isn’t really a big deal. It doesn’t hurt, it literally takes one second. The healing process takes a bit longer (up to a couple of months) but it’s worth it in the end.

If you have any more questions, please ask!

Manouk -x-