img_5882I have never spent this much money at once in my entire life. It was terrifying (but it felt really good at the same time). I have owned a Windows laptop from day one. They would be fine for a couple of months and then let me down. Now that I’ve got my very first adult job, I figured I could treat myself on a beautiful Macbook Air (i7 processor and extra storage).

I’m in my final year of college and I needed a laptop that I could rely on as I have to hand in a dissertation and multiple other huge assignments. My old (Windows) laptop had been made 3 (!!!) times in a fortnight and I decided that I didn’t want that any longer. This isn’t my first experience with Apple as I’m already a proud owner of 2 iPhones (don’t ask me why), an iPod and an iPad Air 2. This Macbook is a beautiful new addition to my Apple Family.

I will try and tell you about my experiences of going from Windows to MAC. The first thing you immediately notice is the design, not just the laptop itself but also the entire system. You have to see it in order to understand it. 

Another thing I LOVE about owning a Macbook is that I can connect my iPhones and iPad via Drive. I still take my iPad to uni because it’s got Pages on there and that’s really all I need to make notes. I’m still a bit scared about bringing my laptop on the train and bus.. Even though I did buy a beautiful bright pink Case Logic case. I remember having to bring a second bag to school to carry my maaaaaasive and heavy laptop with me. Luckily, those days are over. Another thing I love is that my Macbook starts up in under 30 seconds which my Windows laptop never managed to achieve, not even when it was sparkling new. Before I bought this MAC, I could literally go downstairs, make myself a cup of tea, go to the toilet and come upstairs to find it still loading.

You will notice that there’s certain keys/key combinations missing/different on a MAC. But Youtube is your friend. A few things I do prefer on Windows are Word and Powerpoint instead of Pages and Keynote. And ‘My Images’ on Windows versus iPhoto on MAC. Apple wants you to save your photos to iPhoto but I simply created a folder within Finder to save my images to. One final thing that confused me was that I wanted to save a photo so I looked for ‘save as’ in the menu but apparently Apple uses ‘export to’. 

If you have the money, and if you’re willing to spend it on a new device then go for it. You won’t regret it. I can honestly say that I will never go back to Windows. Also, have you noticed how the best things in life are MACS? MAC Cosmetics, Macbooks, McDonald’s…

Manouk -x-