img_5943I’ve been more interested in fashion than makeup lately. Who would have known that I’d ever be here doing a try on clothing haul. I’m definitely not the only one whose got insecurities, I don’t think I’ll ever be content. But hey, I’m doing it anyway. I used to be a ‘tee and jeans’ kind of girl because I was afraid people’s reactions, nowadays I don’t really care and I wear whatever the hell I want. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you’d like me to do it again. I have linked to all the items I could still find online!img_5905At first I wasn’t sure about this ‘shirt under cami dress’ trend but I decided to just try it. I bought a simple white tee from ASOS and a black velvet cami dress from Vero Moda (ordered on ASOS though. Just pair it with some black tights and black shoes and you’re good to go. This style is totally up my street and I’m already on the hunt for more (velvet) cami shirts! Preferably in black because that’s my color.. Although I have to say I’ve been really good at adding more color into my wardrobe recently.

ASOS white t-shirt with long sleeves and crew neck.
Vero Moda Petite Velvet Cami Dress.

img_5927 img_5929I had been looking for a jacket like this for MONTHS. I have jackets in basic colors and I just wanted something a bit more fun. This is a pink corduroy oversized jacket with a pink fake full collar which you can take off if you’d like to. I.love.everything.about.it. 

ASOS Cord Girlfriend Jacket in Dusty Pink.


img_5910From H&M I bought this dress which is fitted around the shoulders and chest and loose around the hips and legs. It comes just above the knees so appropriate to wear to work/school. I’m still not sure if this dress is something for me but it only cost me 8EU in the sale so it wouldn’t hurt. I’m still debating whether I look cute or like a grandma.. Up to you to decide. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it in the online shop anymore but definitely check out the sale section if you want to get your hands on this. 
img_5918Another dress I bought from H&M is this tight fitted grey midi-dress which cost me 20EU. I would pair this with black tights and black boots/shoes. It’s an item that you can dress up/down to suit the occasion. In September I also bought a new Daniel Wellington watch. It’s silver with the black leather strap. I also got another strap (blue, white, pink stripes) which you get for free if you order from their online shop. It’s a classic and goes with every outfit. 

H&M Grey Midi-Dress. 
Daniel Wellington Watch.


img_5924When I was younger my mother would pick my outfits for me and among those outfits were dungarees.. I dreaded those days. Ironic that I now look forward to wearing them as they’re back in fashion. They’re super comfy, just a bit of a hassle when you have to go to the bathroom. Thank you mom for buying me this <3

Both t-shirts I bought from Monki, unfortunately I can’t find them online but they were both around the 20EU mark. I thought the lilac color was super cute as I don’t have any purple clothes yet, even though it’s my favorite color. And what there’s to say about stripes.. You can never go wrong with stripes. 

Costes Black Denim Dungarees.

Yup, I have got to make myself look like an idiot on my own blog. I literally never owned ‘cute’ pajamas before. I would throw on whatever sweatpants and top I could find and that was what I went to bed with. I saw these grey pyjama’s with CATS all over on the H&M website and I just had to buy them. I ordered them in a size bigger than I actually am but they are HUGE. The bottoms literally drop down to my ankles but I can’t be bothered to exchange them for another size as it always takes forever with H&M. They’re super cute and cozy anyway! Btw, I’m sorry about the mess in the background. Not even pretending to be a neat person. 

H&M Grey Cats Pj’s.

These are my favorite pieces I bought this month, some gorgeous additions to my fall/winter wardrobe! Let me know which outfit’s your favorite. I might try to get some ‘full body’ shots next time so you can see which shoes I’d pair the outfits with. Bare with me, I’m still figuring this fashion thing out on my blog.

Manouk -x-