When I lived in London, fake lashes were everywhere. In Holland you can’t even get them at every drugstore. I only ever see girls wear them to fancy parties. For your information: we go out in jeans and Converse. I know it’s a lot different from England! NYE was coming up so I wanted to make an effort and decided to just go for it.


I bought the Volume and Individuals because I didn’t know which would work best. The individuals come with short, medium and long lashes, it’s up to you which you use and how many you use. I personally wouldn’t even touch the long ones since they look SO fake. I know that’s the point of ‘fake lashes’ but you certainly don’t want to look like a clown, do you?


They both come with lash glue. However, the Indiviuals also come with a ‘pro lash remover’, it’s very liquid and supposed to get the lash glue off of your lashes. I cut the Volume lashes in half because they were way to big for my eyeshape, you can adjust them to your own preferences. The lash glue didn’t work AT ALL. I put glue on the lashes, waited for about 20-30 seconds for it to get tacky, applied it and it fell right off. 

The glue that comes with the Individuals does work (a little too well). It was a pain to take the lashes off but they were stuck to my lashes the entire night. I applied some mascara to my own lashes and then applied the fake lashes as close to my lashline as possible. 

Eylure lashes are beautiful and I have nothing bad to say about them, I could totally recommend these lashes if you want to try it out. However, you might want to get a separate lash glue. I’m not sure if I’ll wear them again anytime soon, I’ll just apply an extra coat of mascara.

Do you like wearing false lashes?

Manouk -x-