Another month has passed and I’ve finished a lot of products so I thought I’d do an empties post #2!

I love taking baths. I mean, I LOLOLOLOVE taking baths. My sister got me the Rituals Energy Bubbles Indian Rose & Himalaya Honey for Christmas and I’m surprised it has taken me this long to finish it, especially since we’ve all been using it (they won’t admit it but I could tell). I do think it’s a bit overpriced for what it does but sometimes we are allowed to treat ourselves right? You’ll have very luxurious baths. The shower gel I’ve used up is from a random German brand I had never heard of before, it’s the Isana Maracuja & Kokos shower gel. I got this at -I believe- DM in Germany a few months ago. I’ve enjoyed using it but I’m not sure if I would repurchase again since there are so many nice smelling shower gels out there.

I’ve used up the Dove Color Care Conditioner which I’m not repurchasing again since it’s not strong enough to get all the tangles out of my curly hair. The final hair product I’ve bought by mistake.  It’s the L’oréal Elvive Color-Vive Instant Miracle something. It doesn’t really say on the packaging but basically it’s an addition to your regular routine (shampoo, conditioner-L’oréal stuff). It’s supposed to help your colored hair last longer but I felt like it didn’t do anything. The packaging’s rubbish as well, I had to cut the tube in two to get the last product out (at least 3 uses..) Surprise surprise, I wouldn’t repurchase.

After showering I sometimes like to use a body butter although most days, I’m too lazy to do so. It’s taken me months but I’ve finally used up The Body Shop Body Butter Passion Fruit. One of the best feelings is stepping into bed with freshly washed hair and your body smelling like a garden full of flowers. I wouldn’t repurchase this particular scent but I’m definitely a fan of TBS body butters.

As you would have seen in my skincare routine, I take my eyemakeup off with the Nivea Double-Effect Eye Make-Up Remover, I like to use The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm to take most of my face makeup off and every other day I gently exfoliate my skin with Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser. I have already repurchased all of these products. If you’re curious, I recommend you reading my skincare routine.

What’s your favorite The Body Shop body butter? I’m definitely buying a new one soon!

Manouk -x-