I remember years ago that bloggers couldn’t stop talking about the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré moisturizer. I never really got round to purchasing it as it wasn’t easily available in Holland.  However, I found myself online shopping on the World Wide Web and I saw this product popping up. I didn’t hesistate for a second.

I don’t know much about ingredients but I’ve read online that it’s all fine with this moisturizer. I used to have very dry skin, but I’m definitely sure that that was partly because I hadn’t found the right products for my skin back then. Once I started using LUSH products, my skin cleared up and felt much more comfortable. It’s still on the dry side but I have it under control now. I never really felt the need to try out other skincare brands as I was so happy using LUSH.

This moisturizer contains 75ml, which will definitely last me a long time. Its consistency is a bit like greek yoghurt, it’s not very thick, nor is it runny. It spreads easily and sinks into the skin quickly which makes it easier to apply makeup afterwards. The only thing that puts me off is the smell. It’s very flowery and reminds me of a bunch of old ladies sitting on the bus, chatting about their grandkids. I was once on the Eurostar from Brussels to London and in France this grandma sat down next to me and she literally smelled like this moisturizer. (She was very nice, btw).

I can definitely recommend this moisturizer. It’s reasonably priced and sinks into the skin quickly,  but it does have a very distict smell which you have to get used to. If you have slightly dry skin like me I would advice to use a serum/mask every now and again as this moisturizer is very light. I still think this is a wonderful product and now I see why this used to be so popular among bloggers. 

Manouk -x-