Today I wanted to talk to you about curly hair. For years I wished I had straight hair because it’s so much easier and I always felt like it made me look so much more mature. It’s 2015 and it took me 20 years and a couple of months but I’ve finally embraced my curls.

I know for sure that there are girls reading this right now, who have spent an hour of their precious time straightening their curls this morning. I still straighten my hair from time to time. In fact, I’ve got straight hair as I’m writing this. I know, very hypocrytical.

For beautiful curly hair, you will need: 1. a hairdresser who understands the struggle of curly hair/who does what you ask for; we need a couple of layers to give it a bit more volume and body. 2. You have to find products that work for you.  I’ve tried every product under the sun and nothing seemed to make any difference, so finding a couple of products which actually work for your type of hair makes such a difference. I can’t tell you which ones are best for you but I can say that you will need a serum, mousse and a lotion/cream. If you want to know what products I use and what my curly hair routine’s like, click here. Lastly, 3. You also need patience. I wish I could let my hair air dry and just be done with it, but I can’t (unless I want to look like a frizzy lioness). I wash my hair about 3 times a week and I dread those nights, but you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Ladies, be proud of your curls.

Manouk -x-