I’m not very loyal when it comes to mascaras because there’s a lot of (good) ones on the market, I just want to try them all. A couple of weeks ago I asked my sister what mascara she was wearing because they looked really good. She gave me her spare Catrice Glam & Doll Volume Mascara and I’m very grateful because I’ve been using it ever since.img_5819Over a year ago Catrice discontinued my favorite mascara and I still get watery eyes when I think about it. Overall I think Catrice is a very nice brand. Their nail polishes are just as good or maybe even better than Essie’s, their foundations and concealers are light enough for my skin tone and now they’ve brought out a new mascara which I very much enjoy using. The Glam & Doll comes in a waterproof and non-waterproof version. It’s a plastic wand, which is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. I believe there’s another Glam & Doll with pink packaging but that one’s got a completely different brush.  img_5823I always prefer the non-waterproof versions because I feel like it’s less harsh for my lashes. It’s still very long-lasting as it can easily survive a tough workout at the gym. I believe it’s priced under 5E which is an absolute bargain for a volumizing, dramatic and intense black mascara. 

I’m very happy my sister recommended this to me, it’s not the best mascara in the world but it’s definitely a good one and worth repurchasing once I run out. What’s your favorite mascara?

Manouk -x-