mini budget makeup haul

I can’t remember the last time I bought this much makeup in one go (and it’s not even a lot). I literally have so much makeup, I’ve got enough to last me my entire lifetime (and my daughter’s and granddaughter’s and so on). I know what I like and I stick to those products. My friend and I were shopping last Saturday and we strolled the aisles of our local drugstores. I must say that everything looked very good, it’s just nothing new to me. I did buy a couple of things which I’d like to show you today.

I needed a new eyeshadow base as my current one is running out. I decided on the Maybelline Color Tattoo ‘Creme De Rose 91’. I have a post planned to go up very soon in which I will tell you all about why I think these Color Tattoos are amazing eyeshadow bases. This particular color is fleshtoned but I’ll include swatches in that post I just talked about.

The next thing I bought is a nailpolish by a brand called Catrice, ‘111 A Crush On A Blush’. It’s just a bright Barbie pink color, which I have had plenty of over the years but they’ve all ran out so I decided to get a new one. Catrice nailpolishes are very similar to Rimmel’s, especially the brush. However, I found the formula of this one very thick and difficult to apply. I put a little bit nail polish remover in the bottle, shook it very well, and it was so much easier to use. Then I bought the Essence Studio Nails Rosewood Sticks to push my cuticles back up. They’re nothing special but they do come in very handy.

The Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser is a repurchase, I believe this is my 3rd bottle. I have written a review about it 2 years ago (that’s how much I love this stuff). It creates a very smooth and soft surface to apply the rest of your base makeup onto.

The last 2 things are both from Essence. I apply gelliner every morning but it’s not as quick as a liquid liner is. My Kat von D liner ran out so I thought it would be a good thing to find a replacement. I went with Essence Superfine Eyeliner pen Waterproof. It applies very easily and it’s indeed waterproof. So far so good!
The last thing I bougt was an Essence lipliner ’07 Plum Cake’. I’m really into purple/brownish lip colors at the moment and this one looked right up my street. However, it makes me look dead ánd the tip keeps on breaking. It does look way better with a lipstick applied on top but I had hoped I could wear this one on its own.

Overall I’m very happy with the things I bought! Did you buy any new makeup recently? What did you get?

Manouk -x-