My favorite month is (finally) almost upon us. I was made for fall/winter, I feel at my best in a cozy jumper, nice boots and a beanie. Especially because I always take the bike to work (about 60 mins each day), it’s not that nice to arrive all sweaty and disgusting at work. Also, as a teacher it’s pretty inappropriate to wear short dresses and/or crop tops. I was seriously running out of summer clothes to wear to work. I feel I’ve worn the same tee from June onwards. 

Now that the weather’s cooling down, I’m finally enjoying doing my makeup again (as it doesn’t melt off my face when I take one step out of the door). My skin has been really good recently, I don’t need a high coverage concealer. I just want to cover up some redness here and there. I always start off with applying my eye makeup, my eyebrows and I then continue onto skin Because I am very pale there’s not a lot of (affordable) products suitable for me to use (without looking as orange as my hair). But there’s hope for us ghosts, the Essence Stay All Day 16h ‘Natural Beige‘ concealer is actually light enough for me and it only costs a couple of Euros. I apply this (or NARS Sheer Glow Foundation) on my forehead, on my cheeks, nose and on my chin. To make myself look somewhat more awake I will apply a little bit of the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ‘Chantilly’ under my eyes. Luckily for me I’ve got another back up waiting for me so that should be enough to get me through winter. I powder my t-zone with my beloved Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder ‘Ethereal Light’. If I have a blemish that needs a bit more coverage, I can always rely on the Catrice Camouflage Cream ‘010 Ivory’. Again, only a couple of Euros and seriously a miracle product.

I will then add some bronzer, usually NARS ‘Laguna’ and a random blusher and highlighter to finish off the base. I think I’ve got a pretty good mixture of cheap and expensive products. In my opinion it’s totally worth it to invest in base products. If your skin doesn’t look good then everything else looks off. I’m very lucky to never have had acne and/or breakouts. 

Do you change up your base routine for the colder months? 

Manouk -x-