Another month’s passed which means that it’s time for another favorites of the month. August has been very busy for me; working (out), friends, blogging, drawing.. September’s almost here so here are my August favorites..


I have spent most of my days without any makeup on my face. It’s been too hot to even think about applying layers of foundation and concealer. In August my base consisted of only two things; Pixi Flawless & Poreless primer and a very light coverage BB cream, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB.

My favorite nailpolish this month has definitely been Barry M Blue Grape. It’s such a beautiful bright blue color, I actually have it on my nails right now and so does my mom! She likes nailpolish but she doesn’t get why I ordered more makeup brushes, she’s kind of right but I had never used Zoeva brushes and it was about time. Zoeva brushes (109 and 127) are very soft and a dream to use. I should’ve washed them before taking pictures but I’ll do that tonight since it’s Sunday and they’re meant for washing brushes 😉

You may or may not know that I absolutely despise lipgloss. I can’t stand the stuff, but since I’m a huge Tanya Burr fangirl I just wanted to get one to show my support on releasing her very own nailpolishes and lipglosses. Mine’s in Just Peachy and it’s a very pale nude. I just dab a bit of the stuff in the middle of my lips and I really like the effect it gives.

What’s been your favorite product this month? Are you looking forward to autumn? (I know I am!)

Manouk -x-

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