This may come as shock to you but I’m not really fond of shopping. I mean, I enjoy spending time with my friends but I just cannot deal with messy stores and trying things on 50 times a day. I’d much rather go online and try it on in the comfort of my own house. I have recently bought a couple of things which I’d like to show you today, I wish I could pose like a fashion blogger but I can’t. I’m not confident enough to post full-body pictures of me posing and showing you my new clothes. I’ve decided to just do it like this! I hope you enjoy.



I bought this off-white loose fitted blouse with flower prints all over it at Pull & Bear. I don’t usually go in there but they had a lot of stuff I could see myself wearing. It’s not very obvious in the pictures but it goes in at the wait just a little bit and then flares out at the bottom. This will be so cute in summer paired with some high waited shorts and the shoes that I’m about to show you..


This blue blouse is from H&M. It’s a bit longer at the back and the sleeves are pretty long too. I love to wear this in combination with black (ankle) jeans and some black Converse. I love the boho vibe!



Now this is a cute number. It’s a simple white tee with black stripes and the sleeves are flared out which makes it super girly. I bought this at Pull & Bear too!


Then accessory wise; a backpack and a pair of shoes. I have been looking for a new bag for over a year now. I still remember entering so many stores on Oxford Street in London last year, but nothing was up to my taste. I just wanted something simple and timeless, with some sort of zip so that I wouldn’t have to worry so much about pickpockets. I bought this backpack at H&M. I like it especially because it’s got a few compartments and you can actually close the biggest compartment. I also like the fact that it’s got silver hardware. It fits my lunch, my water bottle, my iPad, my pencil case and my makeup bag so it’s perfectly fine.

These shoes remind me of my grandpa’s shoes, I’m aware that this isn’t up to everyone’s taste but I’m sure I can combine this very well. One of my favorite outfits to wear these shoes with is really simple; (see through) tights, a black a-line suede skirt and a cropped colored loose shirt (preferably with a high neck). I promise you, these shoes go with so many outfits! I got them from Asos and they weren’t that expensive at all.

What’s your favorite out of the 5?

Manouk -x-