2013 x 2015: PROGRESS


I have always been a creative kid, I loved arts and crafts (and I still do). Back in 2013 when I wasn’t feeling very well about myself, I just started doodling a bit and it turned out quite well. I started drawing more and more and it quickly became my new hobby. I haven’t stopped drawing since then. 2016 is only a couple of days away and I thought this would be the perfect time to look back on my old drawings and compare them to some recent ones, to see the progress I have made. 


At first I only used one simple HB pencil. This drawing of Emeli Sandé was the first drawing I ever shared on my social media. I was so proud of it, even though it looks like a total disaster to me now ha! My grandpa was very creative as well and I think I inherited it from him. I made a drawing of him for his birthday, he was SO proud of me and showed it to every nurse who came to help him. 


I then decided that it was probably a good idea for me to buy some new pencils. You can see the difference between my Emeli Sandé drawing and this Lana Del Rey one. I’m what they call ‘a self-taught artist’ (not that I consider myself an artist, AT ALL). I still don’t have a clue of what I’m doing and I believe that you don’t have to have fancy tools for your drawings to turn out beautifully. I still have the same pencils I used back in 2013, I have 1 pencil sharpener and 1 simple eraser.


This Miley Cyrus drawing is very special to me. Her song ‘Wrecking Ball’ went straight to my heart. I knew right away that I wanted to draw a still from her video because it explained perfectly how I felt. When I put it on Instagram, some Miley Cyrus fan account noticed my drawing and put it on his/her own page. It got so many likes and comments, it made me smile from ear to ear.

DEMI klaar

About a year later, in February 2014 I started my blog Womanouk.com. I already had a blog when I was about 16 years old but I deleted it after a couple of months because I was ashamed of it. The main reason for me to start a new blog was to share my drawings with the world and to keep myself busy and focussed on something for a while. I also had a passion for makeup and I thought I could combine those 2 things on my blog. At first I didn’t tell anyone about it, the only people who knew about it were my visitors, but they didn’t know me in person. 


People will often ask me, ‘can you draw me?’ But the thing is, I can’t just draw anyone. The main reason is that I simply don’t have the time. Another reason is that I (mostly) only draw singers is because their music inspires me. I always put some music on and start drawing until it’s finished. Drawing helps me relax and to feel less anxious. Listening to music and drawing at the same time helps me to relax and to feel less anxious. In a way it really is therapy. Someone else might go for a run or bake a cake. We’re all different. What I’m trying to say is that they’re not just drawings to me.


We’re almost in 2016 and I still don’t tell people I have a blog. I often worry my classmates think I’m a stupid Barbie because I like to wear nice clothes and to do my hair and makeup. When they talk to me they obviously realize I’m not. However, how do you explain having a beauty/art blog to someone who couldn’t give a flying F about fashion/makeup? I like to avoid those awkward situations by not telling them. Also, drawing doesn’t sound very exciting. You just sit behind your desk for a couple of hours at night and draw a portrait. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my drawings but I never like to be center of attention. I’d rather talk about someone else’s hobbies and interests.

We’re almost in 2016 now and I look forward to making new drawings, and to (hopefully) improve my techniques. I don’t always have time to draw, I always put my schoolwork and friends first, but I will do my best! 

I always post my drawings on my Instagram and you can find ‘step by step’ pictures in the art section on my blog.

Thank you for always commenting nice things, it means a lot to me.

Manouk -x-